Tacforce International
Provides comprehensive security for projects in hostile operating environments around the world. We also provide a range of services for the provision of project risk management in conflict and post-conflict regions. With extensive experience in counterterrorism, crisis management, close personal protection and training, we provide an extensive range of strategic security consulting services for the protection of critical infrastructure and human assets.

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Knowledge Capture and Management
Capturing and improving information management practices is a key focus for many organisations, across both the public and private sectors.
Tacforce International has extensive resources offering publications specialising in Special Operation Forces (SOF) and Security Industry themes.
Tacforce International have a dedicated team of highly trained and experienced former (SOF) personnel providing current expert repositories and professional advice on all levels of military and civilian doctrine, in particular the Functional and TTP levels...More
TacForce employees are selected from the finest elite military and police special operations groups from around the world. Our employees have not only worked as operators but have led and taught others....More

Crisis Management
The operating environment for companies doing business in the Middle East and Africa is becoming increasingly hazardous. With the on-going conflicts Afghanistan and Iraq and the uprisings in the Middle East and Northern Africa the regions have become much less stable over the past ten years. Even in relatively secure countries, incidents happen with alarming frequency that threaten to disrupt a company's operations. Kidnappings of foreigners are becoming more and more common, occurring in such diverse countries as Kenya, Nigeria. Suicide bombings and targeted political assassinations put employees at risk. Al Qaeda is an ever-present threat in all these regions...More
Personal Protective Equipment
TacForce provides PPE to the highest level of international specifications (all fully certified) whether it is body armor, or protective clothing. TacForce also provides Armored Vehicles (Level B6+) custom built to meet the individual needs of each client...More
International Guest House
Mogadishu Somalia
Tacforce International has been located in Somalia since 2009 and now launches safe, secure housing, lodging and or accommodation in Mogadishu. Tacforce promises safe boarding for any travelers, officials or employees, in Mogadishu, ideally located in the centre of Mogadishu, just five minutes from the International Airport. The Guest houses are also conveniently located within easy reach of the major embassies and government ministries...More
TacForce offers a wealth of experience in a wide range of security consulting services. Our consultants take a personal interest in each project we undertake. We have known the people we hire for many years, enabling us to ensure their quality, reliability and professionalism...More
Training and Development
Our training team is diverse, with both command and tactical operations experience. They come from a variety of services, including Army Special Forces and SASR, Navy Seals and Marines and elite police forces. All of our team members have experience training international forces...More

Tacforce is in partnership with a wide selection of local providers throughout the world who will provide local security and Personal Security Details (PSD) under the guidance of TFI management and training.

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