Founded in 1997, TacForce has provided comprehensive security for projects in hostile operating environments around the world including the Middle East, South America and Indonesia.

TacForce agents and affiliates have been working in the Middle East since 2003. To date we have had no major security incidents. Our operations are based on a unique approach, combining superior skills with diplomacy and tact, along with unsurpassed local knowledge of the countries in which we work.

TacForce was established by experienced security operators. We rely on our extensive network of tactical operators from elite military and police special operations groups from around the world (United States, Great Britain, Australia, France, Sweden, and Germany) to provide the most advanced and up to date specialized security available. Our employees have not only served as operators but have led and taught others. They have undergone extensive in theatre training programs and know the situation better than anyone.

TacForce takes a personal interest in each project it undertakes. We have known the people we hire for many years, enabling us to ensure their quality, reliability and professionalism.



TacForce was established and is managed by two experienced leaders in the field of private security consulting and management.

Mr. Arjen Valkenburg, CEO of TacForce is a former member of the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR). He has had over 28 years of military service with over 24 years in Special Forces. His time in SF covered both Counter Terrorism and Special Reconnaissance. He is an expert in water operations and land combat tactics and as a senior instructor was responsible for the development of unit operating procedures. Whilst working in the military Arjen trained and operated with a wide variety of forces including, Delta Forces, Green Berets, US Navy Seals, GSG9 and various specialist Police Groups throughout Australia and overseas.

Mr. John Ellery, Director of TacForce John is a former Australian SAS Counter Terrorist Specialist and also served as an SAS Scout Sniper in a Long Range Desert Group Patrol. He has 23 years experience in the Security and Military Industry serving in Australia and Overseas. He is one of the most sought after and tactically sound Training Operators in Australia. Working in the Military John worked with many Forces which included Delta Forces, Green Berets, US Navy Seals, GSG9, FBI, Hong Kong Special Police and many others. John has taught individuals and groups from every Specialist Police SOG/TRG Group in Australia including SOT (Special Operations Team of the Australian Federal Police). John Ellery has lead and trained protection teams in hostile environments like Aceh Province Indonesia, and Iraq for the last 5 years


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